Dan LaBelle

San Francisco, California, US

Dan's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Dan

I am an senior level marketer and business developer that enjoys working both on high level strategy and hands-on execution. Brand development, strategic marketing plans, content strategy and creation, lead generation, websites, email campaigns, landing pages, SEO… I've done it all with great success.

I am seeking to team up with a developer / programmer with a strong skill set to help build an analytics platform in the emerging self quantification space. Think FitBit or Fitocracy but not health or wellness related. Backend skills are a must. Front end skills a huge help as well. In addition to my marketing and biz building I have some design background including time as an Art Director at FCB. I can handle making what we build pretty. I can also code HTML/CSS to build web pages if needed.

To be successful I need to team up with a problem solving software dev. I am extremely collaborative, like having fun while I work and value the ideas of others. I want to work with someone smart and inquisitive who wants to build a business, not just a product. I plan to work hard and expect a partner in that process. Let's build something together!