Dan Lawrence

Toronto, Canada

Dan's Skills
Product Management

About Dan

Designer and Founder of Hoodoko.

Hoodoko is a peer-to-peer community driven marketplace that let’s you discover, connect, sell and book local services. From web developers, dog walkers, personal chefs and even palm readers. Hoodoko is determined to simplify the process of finding and booking your next service.

As service providers ourselves we wanted to create tools to sell our services, so we created Hoodoko in 2014. By providing easy to use free tools to set up your online store, tell your story, manage services you provide and connect with other service providers, we enable both professional service providers and any individual with skills to sell or knowledge to share a platform to sell services, form collaborations and grow. Hoodoko currently powers over 3,000 local service providers and is growing day-by-day.

I am currently looking for a technical co-founder.