Dan Malka

Montreal, Canada

Dan's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Dan

An innovator with a passion for positive change. I bring a wealth of business acumen that has been cultivated over the years of professional and creative experiences. I'm a creative and passionate entrepreneur who delivers strong leadership skills to promising business ventures and by being an action man, problem solver and visionary... I'm always able to cope with changing circumstances in order to early identify difficulties and to work on timely solutions.

I'm an all out great guy full of life and with plenty of positive energy to share. I'm honest, fun and a strong believer that any success within a business is all about the team who's behind it.

Our venture is quite unique and a concept that could have a tremendous positive effect on future generations, because a positive change is needed and I'm in search of a team who wants to be a part of this change.

The business concept is complete to a certain extent, but what the business needs now is... to start developing the actual product and get to a V1 beta in order to pursue the next round of funding.

I look forward to working with those who will hop on and enjoy this successful journey with me!