Dan Shevenell

Dallas, Texas, US

Dan's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

Startup Experience

First time founder

About Dan

Looking for:

Technical co-founder / CTO who:
+ Believes in TDD,
+ Loves system design / the challenge of building massively scalable things, and
+ Has experience leading a team of other developers.

About me:

I'm an extremely goal-oriented and mission-driven guy. I have a vision to democratize both the viewing and coverage of breaking news/emergency events around the world.

I taught myself Ruby on Rails and Node.js well enough to build and then iterate (Rails -to- Node) a scalable platform for the real-time viewing of media from breaking news events around the world.

My platform has attracted the attention of a major hospital responsible for regional emergency response, and I've been accepted to both TechStars's elite "RisingStars" mentorship program and Hack Reactor in San Francisco.

Also, I ...
+ have an enormous amount of respect for developers due to the hacking around I've done on my platform

+ Graduated near top of my class from the US Naval Academy ("Annapolis") with a BS in robotics

+ Graduated from SMU with an MBA
+ Supervised nuclear power plants aboard an attack submarine
+ Managed a 100+ person sales department

I'm confident that, with the right CTO / tech-co, we'll build something that will change the way people see the world.

Good luck to everyone. If you're a competent developer, I'd love to meet!


United States Naval Academy

Control Systems Engineering

2006 - 2006

Southern Methodist University

MBA Corporate Finance

2008 - 2008

Naval Nuclear Power School

Nuclear Supervisor Qualification

2009 - 2009