Dan Smarg

Santa Monica, California, US

Founder @ fotogenieapp.com, Professional Photographer, Lean Mean Startup Machine
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About Dan

Hi, I'm a Professional Photographer turned Tech Founder. As a freelancer and former union-grade IATSE Local 600 cinematographer, I'm good at Business Development & Strategy, but lack the product development and digital marketing skills to execute and advertise many of my ideas. However, over the past two years, I developed (with dev consultants) and released a non-native mobile app called FotoGenie in the App Store. I also worked with web developers to build and launch a website with automated purchasing capabilities that allow customers to book photo shoots online and via the mobile app. The best account we had paid us $7000 in one day, but I want to do this at scale so now I need some help to take this thing to the next level!


Start small. Think big. Scale quickly. - Sara Blakely

Work Experience


Warner Brothers, History Channel, Discovery Channel

June 2006 - June 2015


Middlebury College

BA Film, English & French

2001 - 2005

Co-working Space

WeWork (Promenade - Santa Monica)

2016 - 2017