Dan Vanderboom

Denver, Colorado, US

Dan's Skills
Product Management

Startup Experience

Founded 1 startup

About Dan

With numerous data analytics and visualizations projects under my belt over the past 15 years, I've accumulated some techniques and tools for dealing with data analysis, import, format checking, random data generation, and other tools and services useful to my target market: data scientists and software engineers. I'm designing a company to be scalable using the same design principles used in global software systems. The Big Data industry is expected to be $16 billion in 2014, and is growing six times faster than the IT industry as a whole. Demand for data analytics is exploding.

A key strategy of mine is to produce and manage (to start with) a collection of small, low-risk tools and cloud services to be managed as a proper product portfolio, where each product's performance is measured and tracked, and product development evolves or pivots based on this data (analytics dogfooding).

I'm looking for a SaaS-savvy co-founder (or three) to help develop sales opportunities, develop and drive marketing strategies, as well as additional engineering talent to increase product development velocity.