Daniel Bailey

Charlotte, North Carolina, US

Daniel's Skills
Product Management

About Daniel

I have wide range of technical abilities that I feel would make me an excellent co founder. I am interested in working with individuals from any background. I have a few apps and ideas in mind. I am ready and willing to take on any technical challenges as a cofounder whether it is building websites, setting up infrastructure, building a development team or writing mobile apps for customers.

Although I am a life long computer science student & tinkerer, I have 7+ years of professional experience in Software Development/Engineering. Five and a half years of my experience was in the Department of Defense(Air Force).

I am currently working freelance and using my GI Bill benefits to take courses in computer science at UNCC. I have approx 130 hours towards my B.S. in Computer Science and an A.S. in Computer Programming from the community college of the Air Force.

I have two math teaching apps(Web & Native HTML client) that I am developing in my spare time related to some math courses I am taking at UNCC(server side - Python, Java, Google App Engine).

I am also developing a web site(full LAMP stack + mobile) for a local tire shop & automotive business founded & owned by two of my brothers(www.baileybrothersautomotive.com). I used JQuery Mobile and CSS media queries to create a mobile version of the site.The site needs a logo and some graphic design work but either way, it has managed to impress a few people & it has landed me an offer or two to do other sites & jobs. Partnered with a graphic designer, I am positive that I could start a very successful website & mobile apps business.