Daniel Burns

Boulder, Colorado, US

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Product Management

About Daniel

What is the business?

Gravity Video is production agency with a focus on using video to increase conversions for our clients. We do this by marrying content that motivates the viewer with technology that facilitates the action.

We host their videos in the cloud and provide clients with a customizable video player to embed on their pages. Our player can be configured with Buy It Now buttons, lead generation forms, links, social sharing etc. and everything can be a/b tested for optimization.

We then track performance data on all videos. View rate, completions, engagement, sales, etc.

Our site: http://gravityvideomarketing.com

Who am I?

You can see my professional history here: http://www.linkedin.com/in/danielcburns

But the short of it is: Since the late 90’s I’ve been working in video and film production, as an Editor, Producer, and Executive Producer. I was also Director of New Media directing a team of software/web designers and developers responsible for creating interactive online experiences, generating memberships, and creating software for broadcast/internet crossover products.

Currently, I am a consultant for online and offline businesses specializing in building marketing automation systems and conversion optimization.

Who are you looking to partner with?

I’m looking for a partner with complementary skills to mine. While I know video production, product management, and certain aspects of marketing, I’m a new entrepreneur and don’t have professional experience with the following:

Strategy: I want a partner to work out the strategic vision for the business with. Doing this alone has been challenging. Having a sounding board to help shoot down the bad ideas and recognize the good ideas would be invaluable.

Sales: I want to work with someone who has experience with sales. Someone to help develop the sales process to make the prospect’s decision-making simpler. I’m not afraid to meet prospects, I’m not afraid to present, but I don’t feel I have exactly what it takes to sell all the way through.

Relationship Management: I want to work with someone who loves to develop relationships. Relationships with partners, customers, colleagues, and even the media (PR).

Do we need funding?

Well, I say no. We are 100% ready to take on new clients. I have a network of talented producers, graphics professionals, and video crew in Denver, Minneapolis, NY, L.A. ready to do the production work.

And I have a minimum viable product ready for the backend content management and video performance tracking.

We’ll need to invest some dollars into lead generation and the sales process, but the product itself is ready to go.

Please contact me for more information. I have some financial models I can share with you and I'd be happy to answer any questions you have.


Scrum professional, scrum master, scrum coach