Daniel Crowder

Dumfries, Virginia, US

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Product Management

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First time founder

About Daniel

I am a web and database programmer who has a passion for home improvement projects. As I have been renovating my home since 2009, I have discovered many pain points such as wasted time, unnecessary expenses, and lack of organization. To help reduce the occurrence of such issues I have developed an online home profiling system called, NTheDetails.com.

Currently available as a prototype and bundled with a good stack of features, I have not put forth the effort to promote NTheDetails as I lack the know-how to develop a business. At this point in time, I would like to find someone who can help lay the foundation to get this service out to the market place and strategize how monetization can be achieved.

This is a small market place and there aren't many home profiling systems available. But the concept and need is being recognized by home improvement stores such as Lowes as they have rolled out their My Lowes home profiling system shortly after I begun developing NTheDetails. You could only imagine my surprise, disappointment, and sense of confirmation that I was on to something great.

I am very excited about this service and the potential it has, but as I mentioned earlier, I need help. I don't want this project to be another idea that sits on the mental shelf never to see the light of day. I believe that more people deserve to enjoy their homes and if NTheDetails can aid in their efforts, I will personally feel successful.

Thanks for taking the time to read about me and what I am trying to achieve.

Daniel Crowder


Rowan University

Business Administration, Management Information Systems

2003 - 2003


Mysql 5 Developer