Daniel Gamboa

Berlin, Germany

Daniel's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Daniel

I am looking to start up a US based company developing dynamic websites and mobile applications. I have several ideas but one in particular that I want to get started on immediately. I'm currently searching for a CTO to manage the technical aspects of site development and implementation as well as another business developer to take over the day to day aspects of building and running the company. The CTO ideally would also be a programmer that can do the initial development work on the website and/or mobile apps to keep the upfront costs down.

Both roles will be as co-founders with a stake in the company. I am currently in Berlin, Germany but travel a lot and change locations frequently. Location is not important as long as you have a solid internet connection and we can communicate via skype and IM. For the moment I will be mostly focused on reaching out to potential CTO's in the Berlin area so that I can meet face to face, but please feel free to contact me if you think you are a match for either position. Prefer that the business developer be US based and familiar with forming and running a US based company. I'm looking for some experience but more importantly people that are go-getters with a fun and easy to get along with attitude. Creative minds are also a plus.

This first project fills a relatively untapped niche in the travel industry that, if successfully implemented, will provide a much needed service to thousands of people with a great potential for revenue within the first year.