Daniel Green

Boston, Massachusetts, US

PhD Candidate in Finance at MIT
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About Daniel

I'm almost finished my PhD in Finance @ MIT. I've learned a ton about how things in finance could work and should work. We are far from this vision today, and the biggest reason is the big financial players don't have incentives to innovate.

My dissertation research develops tools in financial engineering and applies them to gain insight to the financing and capital structure decisions made by individuals and corporations. I find that people need help with these decisions and the people providing the necessary services don't have their best interests in mind.

I've also used my time as a student to work on some small side projects: trying to exploit an arbitrage on a derivatives trading platform, re-engineering business credit scoring models, and investing in distressed consumer debt on LendingClub.

Before the PhD I worked at the New York Fed in the Capital Markets research group. I learned about and contributed to the new bank regulatory landscape and got a sense of what kinds of financial services disruptions are even legal.

Work Experience

PhD Candidate in Finance


July 2012 - December 2016