Daniel Hauagge

New York, New York, US

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I'm a tech guy passionate about food and design. I went to grad school to study computer science and finished last year. My research was in the area of Computer Vision, which is basically helping computer understand images (things like face identification, 3D reconstruction from images, etc), I also have a strong background in machine learning. Before computer science I studied industrial design for a while.

I feel that right now is an amazing time to start a company that leverages computer vision: cameras are cheap and everywhere, we walk around with tiny computers in our pockets with amazing connectivity, and there has been a lot of progress in visual identification (deep learning is word that is poping up in the news all the time now) in the last couple of years so the full impact of these technologies has not been fully realized in the market. 

The company I’m starting mixes: food and computer vision. I’m currently working on the technology that will identify food from images (nutritional data, ingredients, cuisine, etc). I’m still working on the go to market strategy but at a high level what I want to do is help people keep track of their diets, I want to use images in order to make the process easier and more informative.

Right now I’m part of an incubator at CornellTech (Cornell University’s new campus in the city) so I’m working on this full time. I’m looking for people more on the business side, someone that can come in and work full time on this.


Cornell Uniersity


2009 - 2014