Daniel Heller

Cambridge, Massachusetts, US

Daniel's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Daniel

Hey, my name is Daniel Heller and I founded The Welcoming Committee (formerly known as Guerrilla Queer Bar), a travel and events business geared toward the gay community. We started four years ago "taking over straight bars and turning them gay" as a hobby, and that has morphed into a community of 9,000 LGBT people that like to takeover establishments of all forms (bars, sports games, theaters, concerts, and major travel destinations) to help provide the comfort that LGBT people uniquely feel in gay bars everywhere else. We've built a prototype for a mobile that app that allows people to create their own takeovers anywhere, anytime. I'm looking for a rockstar developer who is passionate about tech and equality (your sexual orientation is irrelevant) to help take this concept to the next level.