Daniel Hood

London, United Kingdom

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How do we collaborate intensively together, but in a sustainable way, to produce more food in the next 30 years than the previous 10,000 combined, against exponentially growing, competing populations (10 billion by 2050), declining resources, energy insecurity, financial instability, climate change, soil infertility, water scarcity, declining yields, ageing farmers, land, distribution issues, and a bunch of challenges converging to create the perfect storm?

A massive food consumption shift is approaching, sustainable energy is becoming our greatest challenge of the 21stC, world attention is shifting towards food, energy, water security. There is a rising surge of interest across the ‘nexus’ way of thinking.

The Nexasphere Global Intelligence Networking Platform aims to help the growing global sustainability movement of scientists, engineers, innovators, investors, entrepreneurs, students, media, gov't, business etc., connect, network, isolate-signal-from-noise, then take applied steps through our "Global Action Network." Nexasphere's goal is to serve as a "one-stop-shop" digital gateway for all those willing to build a more sustainable future.

Phase 1: The development of a multimedia platform focussing on the global events industry. 24/7 365 database amplifying and projecting thousands of conferences, exhibitions.

Phase 2+: Will see Nexasphere move into education, recruitment, investments, research, projects.

Our mission is to expand the scale and scope of consciousness for all those who may not have the same benefits of 2 billion years’ accumulated energy reserves.

Looking for a Co-Founder/CTO with determination, good all round tech skills, lean, agile, software engineering, architecture, core programming, web design & development.

Deal - Equity over cash.
Pros: Good initial feedback from the market, in talks with well funded/experienced Seed investor
Cons: Still in early stages of concept dev