Daniel Hristov

San Francisco, California, US

Daniel's Skills
Product Management

About Daniel

DeskGod.com is an emerging high growth startup looking to explode into the US market. They deliver a SaaS platform with 9 key and interconnected applications including analytics, live chat, file sharing, email marketing and more in one all-in-one suite in order to convert more of their visitors into paid customers and automatize, reduce the work of the support team.

what you are looking for, Job Description:
DeskGod.com is looking for a highly experienced, C-Level business development executive. This will be a position with many hats ranging from helping the company secure their next round of funding to developing a go-to-market strategy. The ideal candidate will be flexible, open-minded, and will only be constrained by the number of hours in the day. The candidate must be based in California. Re-location is an option.
Desired Skills & Experience
* A minimum of 7-10 years of experience in marketing and sales for e-commerce, CRM, email-marketing, or website help-desk verticals.
* A proven track record of success in demand generation, devising and executing integrated marketing campaigns, and driving sales growth through qualified lead generation
* Experience with business models, pricing strategy, positioning and value proposition, and go-to-market strategy
* Must be extremely comfortable with goal setting, strategic planning, customer buying process analysis, and revenue forecasting
* Strong positioning and marketing, and excellent presentation skills
* Strong analytical skills and be metric driven with experience in developing marketing operations metrics and dashboards
* Excellent written and oral communication skills, including copy writing, writing for email, editorial and proofreading abilities
* The ability to work in a collaborative and dynamic start-up environment
* Preference will be given for candidates with strong management skills
* Already established large network of the decision makers in e-commerce SMBs, allowing them to hit the ground running and start developing the business with no delays