Daniel Leong

Eltham, Australia

A thirst for product knowledge, passion for problem solving & an inspiration for positive innovation
Daniel's Skills
Product Management

Startup Experience

First time founder

About Daniel

--> 20+ years’ work experience across a range of roles and industries
--> Business Analyst engaging creative, analytical & resourceful traits to improve process especially in Global Mobility and Legal practices
--> Product Manager able to explore, manage and perform detailed deep dives into all facets of a product’s life cycle
--> Project Manager with a practical focus on goals, precedents, people, process, performance and communication
--> Data Analyst whose attention to detail allowed 100+ data/software migrations (across a range of products) to be successfully completed
--> Product Support applying logic to technical knowledge to get to the heart of an issue and speed resolution
--> Team player who is progressive, goal oriented, motivated to let go of roles and help build other’s careers
--> Business Developer engaging networks through diverse interests and confidence


Learn . Live . Positive . Innovate. - Me

Work Experience


Ernst & Young

May 2010 - Today

My primary role involves implementation of technology & process to service internal & external clients across 150+ countries.