Daniel Mezzancello

New York, New York, US

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About Daniel

I graduated Boston College in 2006. I worked for a securities litigation law firm for three years where I became an expert in e-Discovery. I entered into an agreement with the primary partner at the firm whereby I formed a business as a beta within the firm to offer these highly-specialized services to the firm's clients at a competitive rate to allow me to build a track record. This was at the height of the housing market collapse and I ultimately decided to leave the firm to head up an information management program at Con Edison within the law department. I work there full time, and am also three months shy of graduating with my MBA from NYU Stern.

My wife is a Registered Dietitian and has an excellent business idea to empower people on diets to order healthy food online. She and I formed the business earlier this month under the name diet order, Inc. We're looking for someone with robust mobile app development skills and who wants to be part of a committed team and revolutionary eHealth/e-Commerce business.

We're some of the nicest people we know, but we're also some of the most hardworking people out there. We are very committed to our idea and we know it has a ton of promise, so we are looking for our perfect match of a tech co-founder to partner with. We are looking for someone who knows how to program -- specifically, to program a fairly robust iPhone app (appealing design, of course, but also payment processing, database, etc.). We have plans to ultimately offer the service on Android and web platforms, too, but for now the focus is iPhone.

If you're interested in health/fitness/nutrition or a foodie, that would be a huge plus, because we really want to make sure we all get along, have things to relate to, and it would probably lend itself nicely toward having that vested interest for the long-term!


Boston College

Philosophy, Communications

2006 - 2006

New York University - Stern School of Business

Finance, Management in Technology and Operations, Global Leadership

2013 - 2013


NYU $200K Entrepreneurs Challenge