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Hi, I’m Dan. I’m the Founder and Managing Director of Urban Intelligence. Urban Intel is a tech startup which is seeking to use technology to speed up the development industry in order to solve the UK housing crisis. We’re currently building a subscription-based database and a search engine of the UK’s town planning policy in order to help planners, architects and other development professionals to improve their research.

Nothing currently exists in our industry, and we’re woefully technologically behind. Whilst initially our focus is on planning policy, the natural next step will be to explore how we can map our data and other UK government data, creating a national mapping system for planning professionals. Eventually, we’re hoping that we’ll be able to use our own data, combined with open and licensed data to undertake spatial analysis that no one has ever been able to before, in order to improve our understanding of the built and natural environment, sustainability, and the UK housing shortage, which hopefully you’ll agree is pretty cool!

My background is in urban planning. I have 7 years of experience in the industry and I have worked for the private, public and voluntary sectors. I came up with this business idea whilst working for a private practice in London and I have some good industry contacts. I have a first class honours BSc in City and Regional Planning from Cardiff University and a MSc Urban Regeneration from UCL.

So far, I’ve managed to raise some seed capital, by coming in first and winning a UCL Bright Ideas Award over the summer as part of the UCL Advances Idea Accelerator (£7,500). In addition, I’ve also received £25,000 from a Virgin Startup loan and invested around £8,000 of my own capital. We’ve built a basic prototype so far using outsourced tech labour, but there is still some way to go. Ideally, I’d be looking for dedicated tech partner who is really interested in committing to this project. I’m willing to offer up to a maximum of 20% equity in the business, depending on financial input, relevant experience and skills, and availability to commit to the project. I’m also able to offer some pay, but would prefer my partner to put in a good level of sweat equity. Note that I’m paying myself a very minimal survival salary!

In terms of the skills I’m looking for in my tech co-founder, some experience in developing databases and search engines is a critical must. Ideally you would have some good front end experience and the ability to develop an attractive and functional UI. In the longer term, and as a bonus you might also have some mapping and/or GIS experience, as this is our next port of call.

If you’d like to discuss further, please do get in touch.




Cardiff University

city and regional planning

2014 - 2014

University College London

Urban Regeneration

2015 - 2015