Daniel Ozick

Newton, Massachusetts, US

Daniel's Skills
Product Management

About Daniel

I am a software / robotics engineer with thirty years of diverse industry experience and a passion for innovation. During eight years at iRobot Corporation, I created a robust architecture and language for robot programming, while leading software development for the second-generation Roomba robotic vacuum and for several robotic toys. I am named on nine patents relating to low-cost sensing and navigation technologies.

Recently I founded Computing Explorations, LLC (see ComputingExplorations.com) to build integrated learning environments that empower students and makers to explore and construct their own understanding. The company specializes in computational systems that include physical elements and real-time interactions.

The right cofounder could tremendously benefit Computing Explorations by helping to refine, expand, and implement the company’s vision. However, at this stage I am also open to joining or creating a team with business ideas in other areas where I can make a meaningful contribution.