Daniel Petrikin


Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US

Daniel's Skills
Product Management

About Daniel

I'm the best developer/engineer in the Philadelphia area, or at least my ego is that big. I do a lot, have a lot of respect from my peers, and have built a lot of successful products that have moved startups to the next level. I'm interested in being part of the payout instead of a hired gun.

I've got talent for a lot more than hammering out code. I can analyze situations/markets and come up with alternative business models and product approaches. Most of my success stories are based in me doing just that.

I'm more interested in pairing up with talent than a specific "idea". Idea people please look elsewhere. Yes, there are good ones and bad ones but ultimately successful products move and evolve in ways you never envisioned at the start, trust me on that one. It's people, passion, and talent that make the startup work. At least, that's been my hands on experience.

If you're only willing to put in "sweat equity" you're probably better off finding someone else. There are costs associated with getting a prototype up and a business scaling. Doesn't have to be a fortune, I know how to make a dollar go far, but I value my time as well and am not wasting it because a team wants to freeroll. I'm aware that not everyone has cash and that it'd be painful to buy in for even a small amount, but if you don't have that kind of pain tolerance we're not going to be a good fit. What I'd buy in and put forward would likely be painful to me as well.

I've got a product or two in the back pocket but haven't found a cofounder who can help me work those markets. However, I'm not married to those. I'm also open to evaluating others.