Daniel Prada

Providence, Rhode Island, US

Daniel's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Daniel

I am a Brown University senior trained in Business Economics passionate about liberty, fascinated by Ultimate Frisbee, and driven as a leader in the Brown Latino community. In my work experience, I’ve specialized in Marketing and Strategy—specifically on finding aesthetic yet cost-efficient means of advertising programs.

I'm searching for career opportunities that provide me the skills to turn enterprises around. I want more than problem solving--I want the ability to execute my ideas onto a business. Whether my path takes consulting, private equity, management, or mid-level entrepreneurship, I want to continue improving on my ability to find, create, and replicate value for customers.

Outside of these two, I run two blogs with 100 posts with more than 5200 views that address the most pressing controversies of the day. If you would like to see some of my work, please go to my professional website at DanielPrada12.blogspot.com