Daniel Rusu

Business Development

Seattle, Washington, US


About Daniel

My name's Daniel. I am a marketer/business developer. I have experience in web programming so I am familiar with different technologies and can talk tech. I'm looking for a programmer to join me as the tech co-founder for a startup.

My experience includes wearing multiple hats in a small business startup that provides web marketing services to small and medium businesses. I manage the business development, marketing, and accounting.

I'm easy to get along with, ambitious, and do well with uncertainties. I have christian morals and am not willing to bend the truth/hype something to make a couple bucks. I'm basically looking for someone who is the same, that I can trust, work with well, and bring a high-value product into the world.

The Idea:

I have multiple ideas, the one I like most is a "marketplace" idea, it connects buyers with sellers. This idea deals in the small business advertising industry. While not anything related, this is the same industry that's made Groupon hugely successful. I'm happy to share the idea when we talk. This one I've done alot of research for. I have a couple other ideas also. I also want to hear your ideas if you have any. We would discuss and find which one we both are most passionate about.

More about me:

- I have been successfully doing web marketing and design for small businesses for the past 5 years. So my experience is the in the small business industry. The hardest parts of these "marketplace" ideas is getting advertisers/businesses on there. I have many contacts and networks that will help if we do something in the small business industry.
- Sales, presentations, and meeting with buyers/investors comes naturally to me and is very easy for me. If you don't want to be in the front light that won't be an issue.
- I can do basic designing, although not an artist.
- I am easy going, and many tell me I have a great attitude, so I'm easy to work with. This is important in partnerships I believe.

About you (what I'm looking for in a partner):

- Proficient in programming including PHP, Javascript, and Java (for an android app). Iphone SDK would be nice but this is flexible. Being familiar with server languages and server setup is also very helpful.
- Best if you're in the Seattle area (where I am) but this is not required, we can work something out.


- I'm flexible in terms of funding for the project. We can bootstrap and fund it together if it requires low funding (most my ideas do), or we can get an investor/investors, whichever we determine is the best route. I am familiar with both. If you need some funds to cover bills, ect, while you're working on the development, we could again work something out.

Daniel Rusu
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daniel (the at symbol) revamprepublic.com

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