Daniel Sanabria (Dan San)

Kings County, New York, US

Daniel's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

Startup Experience

First time founder

About Daniel

I am a young entrepreneur and marketer with experience in direct sales/network marketing. I have experience in marketing online and offline, selling, and networking and telemarketing. I study vigorously through self education and have many skills. I am blessed to have been mentored by multimillionaires and professional networkers as well as a co-founder of a national commercial real estate company and CEO of a multi-million dollar non-profit organization. I am extremely open minded, big thinking, big hearted, focused and determined and am looking for some like minded individuals to collaborate with and build great friendships and value in the marketplace. I know how to code a little and can speak technical jargon, am very familiar with tech companies, have a powerful eye for design and user interfaces however I lack powerful coding skills. I do have one thing for sure, I have an opportunity that will change the world. It is a service designed to disrupt and consolidate the entire music industry.

Imagine a service that cuts out the middleman in music so artists and music consumers can connect directly and easily on a social media platform where you can find all of an artists quality music, media and offers in one place without all the clutter and searching on multiple platforms. That is what we propose, we will flip the music industry on it’s head and consolidate it with this service that music listeners want, artists need and everyone can use.

*We already have a COO, mentors, advisors, programs helping, early adopters who are excited for a prototype, and have validated the market need through surveying. The company is based on lean startup and growth hacker principles so it's designed to grow rapidly.

*I am looking for someone who has a big dream mindset, focus, determination, takes %100 personal responsibility, value based and open minded mindset as well as a solid work ethic. In short I am looking for someone who's values correlate with what it takes to be massively successful. I.e Reads books, studies programs, seminars, creates, believes, does things in spite of fear, business owner mindset etc. so we can collaborate, build a good friendship and build a powerful legacy together. If you want to create something not just for the income, time freedom, and lifestyle but also to really make a significant impact on the marketplace and world contact me and let's chat. I'd love to learn more about you, your interests, ideas, passion, and background to see if we can build something great together. I am also very open to advisors and coaches and am willing to offer equity. Looking forward to connect with you.