Daniel Schapira

Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel

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Product Management

Startup Experience

First time founder

About Daniel

I am a Oleh Chadash from the UK with many years experience of working as a doctor in Urgent Care. I have designed a "Performance Support System" (patent pending) for doctors working in Urgent Care. The aim is to reduce medical errors and improve the efficiency of care. The cost of medical errors in this field are several hundred million pounds a year. If my product reduces some of the avoidable errors it will be valuable in human and financial terms.

I have worked with one other technical partner for coding and implementation. I have a complete working prototype. I am currently negotiating with a large Israeli organisation to conduct a pilot.

I have no previous business or marketing experience so I am looking for another person(s) with these skills. I am looking at the application process for EU funding (Fast Track to Innovation). The market I am looking at will be Europe and English speaking countries (+Israel).

You may have creative ideas to exploit the software in a different domain and in different ways. The product could be adapted for many other work situations where people need concise information to make instant decisions. It is a crowd-sourced (expert community only) platform that could marketed directly to the end users - in the current product, there could be a global community of Urgent Care doctors. If you have experience of of using social media for marketing or managing large online communities it could be valuable.


University of London


1979 - 1979

University of Birmingham

M.Med.Sci Occupational Health

1994 - 1994

London Metropolitan University

M.Sc. Multimedia Systems

1996 - 1996