Daniel Schorr

Boston, Massachusetts, US

Daniel's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Daniel

Confident and successful enough to say I was part of the success story building an iconic energy bar brand, launching new kids beverages at Gatorade, product innovation at Pepsi and leading marketing at fashion sportswear brand ringing up success stories. Humble enough to say I have a lot to learn, never started from a kitchen table before and looking for someone who can complement my skills and be part of a next great food brand success story.
Plan is to launch in 2016 and need someone to work with on detail oriented aspects of the business; those areas include operations, procurement, financials and product management/innovation. But it is a start-up so we do everything!
Need to be passionate about the opportunity, can work for mostly equity, it can be in addition to your other job at the start an and you will have more fun than you ever have had in your life!