Daniel Sheehan

San Mateo, California, US

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I started my foray into technology solutions many years ago, selling computer hard drives as our country and the world became more and more dependent on technology. Although I’ve spent the bulk of my career in sales and business development, strategic leadership, and financial services I have always had a passion for and desire to understand, acquire, and leverage current and emerging technology to do business more effectively and profitably. To communicate faster. To do business across borders, time zones, and geopolitical divides.

Fast forward to today. mobile, social media, SEO, content marketing, blogging, PPC, e-commerce, lead generation, inbound marketing and more. A business that hopes to succeed today must master at least the basics if they are to have a chance to compete in the competitive markets that exist today.

Thus SocialMerlin was born. My co-founder, Greg, and I saw the need for a viable, easy-to-use, economical solution for SMB that provided for all of these needs. A Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligent, Constantly Optimized and Evolving Marketing Automation Platform that learns and drives for ROI continually. Sounds far-fetched? Sound like Science Fiction? It’s not, it’s right now. SocialMerlin will automagically connect the different parts of a business’s digital marketing life, and based on business information, goals, and market circumstances, will begin to drive an integrated solution, using machine learning, deep semantic search algorithms, big-data, AIMAs, and nascent artificial intelligence to bring true Marketing and Sales Automation to life. Welcome to SocialMerlin! It’s Not Magic, It’s Math! And It's Arriving this October!

We are looking for a founder, who is an experienced, forward-looking, talented individual with the expertise and connections to help bring this platform to its full-potential.


"A new generation of customers and consumers is clearly emerging. These are people who want it now, they want it fast, they want it easy. They are mobile, they are social, they are always on," - Marc Benioff, CEO of Salesforce

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Social Merlin, Inc.

March 2016 - Today

Overall digital marketing for small business that really works including brand development, prospect and client identification and acquisition, web site and app traffic growth, web site UI and increasing ROI via at the moment advertising dollars based on AI and big-data. Developed brand strategy based on industry and statistics systems plus much more that's easy to use and affordable.


Iona College


1962 - 1966



CFP® Board of Standards, fi360