Daniel Sullivan

Boston, Massachusetts, US

Daniel's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Daniel

Our team is working on the IF I WERE PRESIDENT project, a platform that enables improved communication between constituents and elected officials. We are working to integrate real-time legislative data, in addition to allowing users to create and share/collaborate on new bill proposals. We will use Sunlight Labs OpenStates and Realtimecongress data to populate Bills in 'implementation', in addition to the system that allows users to write new bills and work with others to develop bill proposals. I am a well-rounded social entrepreneur and social-benefit idealist. I consider myself a realist, and dont care for political affiliations -- the program we are working on is unbiased, solutions-based dialogue - it doesnt matter if you are a dem or repub or a green-rainbow, if you have something worthwhile to contribute (a good idea, referenced facts, resources, etc.) then we need your input on the site!

We are looking for technical leaders - designers and developers, webmasters and programmers -- ultimately a CTO is needed asap. If you are interested in politics (to some extent at least -- for example, i dont read the news, but i am interested in how our government works and how people interact with it), if you have experience with social media and data scraping/API's, worked with sunlight labs, etc. then we would love to have you on board. This is a social enterprise with potential to create huge social change - so get on board now! because soon it will blow up :)