Daniel Vitiello

Boulder, Colorado, US

Daniel's Skills
Product Management

About Daniel

My name is Daniel and I want to bring a modified Amazon Lightning deal model to ecommerce websites through a SAAS model.

The current name is ActNow and I am having the first version developed by a contracted company based in the US. The thing is I know this is no way to build an actual start up and so once proving the concept I need someone that I can work with on making changes and improving the product.

ActNow allows website owners to create an offer, 10% off a purchase for instance. Then they choose a trigger for when the offer will popup on their website. This could be spending 30 seconds on a page, scrolling 75% of the way down, visiting a page twice, ect. This allows the customer to become interested in the product before presenting the offer.

Once the trigger is hit, the offer presented in a popover. A live countdown timer starts ticking down when the offer is presenting giving them a deadline that they have to act by. AKA a conversion deadline. It could be 30 seconds, it could be 5 min, only testing will tell what works best.

If this idea interests you please send me a message and we can talk some more. I should have the functioning product beta done in 2 weeks, but that will just be the start of it.

Last year I grew an online iPhone parts business from $10k a month to $110k a month in 1 year. I know marketing and sales, I just need to make sure the product will be able to keep up.

Thanks for taking the time to read!