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Daniel Wilkinson

Business Developer

Miami, Florida, US


Startup Experience

First time founder

About Daniel

I have many ideas that I would love to team up with somebody on in order for us to bring them to fruition. I'm tired of looking for programmers who only want: the cash up front, do the job, done. I want a PARTNER. Someone who understands that what I want is someone that I can build something with. Yeah maybe at first we will tackle one project, but if all goes well, I see no reason why we wouldn't be partners on all my other project ideas ! I have all the business aspects of my ideas taken care of in regards to business plans, monetization, procuring clients, etc. All I would need my partner to do would be to take care of the technical aspects such as programming and maintaining, and updating. I am looking for somebody who is going to take this seriously, and not treat it as a side project that can be worked on a little here and a little there and take a year to finish. My goal is to make money, not to treat my projects as a hobby for fun. I have domain names for websites purchased and hosted, business plans drafted for all my ideas, and user stories created for my mobile and web app ideas. Any other questions, feel free to send me a message !