Daniel Xiaodan Zhou

Ann Arbor, Michigan, US

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Product Management

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About Daniel Xiaodan

I have a PhD degree in social computing, machine learning and big data. I'm also a software developer and architect with industry-level experience. My first real venture, a spin-off from my university research, didn't go very well. Looking back, I learned 2 things: 1) you have to know your market very well, and 2) you have to build a dedicated team before anything else. So here I am. I have a few ideas to explore in the areas of big data, healthcare, politics, academia, and bi-lingual education for kids. I'm also open to other ideas. If you are a designer or a business person, and if you are serious about being an entrepreneur, please free free to contact me (hangout: danithaca@gmail.com). Together we can make things happen.

Note: When you contact me, please briefly explain your ideas, your market and your team. I won't sign NDAs (Google "don't sign NDA", or read http://goo.gl/kxXhB1).


University of Michigan - Ann Arbor

PhD in Information

2013 - 2013