Daniela Semeco

San Francisco, California, US

Daniela's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Daniela

I'm an inventor and a polyglot. I speak 4 languages fluently: English, Spanish, French & German. I've invented a new kind of multilingual keyboard for people like me. It's a pretty simple, very original idea that could impact the lives of millions of people. I'm looking for a partner. So far, I've been working on this on my own for 2 years. My father has helped me a lot. He's a computer scientist, and it's because of him that any of this has been possible. I studied languages and business and am executing fairly well, but I know my limits and would appreciate some help from a product manager with experience in the field. My idea is pretty brilliant. The most intimidating thing about it is its enormous potential; I'm going to need help holding the reigns.