Danny Ristevski

Melbourne, Australia

Startup Entrepreneur - looking for a co-founder/team to disrupt the print media industry
Danny's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Danny

Entrepreneur with ideas ready to disrupt key industries, looking for a co-founder who shares the same passion and determination building a great business, culture and a company. Ultimately looking for a team how can execute.

Want to disrupt the PRINT industry.

Always looking for ace software developers (you know if you are one) who what a challenge in disrupting a complete industry. It will be hard work, but rewarding to be part of something unique.
Mainly looking at experienced developers who have skills in React, Web builders, PHP frameworks.


Your soul is screaming for you to answer your true purpose - Anonymous

Work Experience

Practice Manager, Product Manager, Engineering Manager and Business Strategist


January 2005 - November 2016

Experience in product management, running engineering teams and developing/deploying infrastructure, IT services (cyber security, network, cloud), marketing, and operations.


University of Melbourne

Bachelor of Engineering (Computer)

1996 - 1996