Danny Silva

New York, New York, US

Senior UX/UI Designer, Founder
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User Experience
Business Development
Product Management
Public Relations

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About Danny

Most applications that deal with complex use cases are cold, dull, and focus on getting the user through it as quickly as possible. My mission is to put a human touch back into UX. In my mind, I’m a host who’s welcoming a guest with an experience I’ve created for them. As a good host, I want to my sure my guests are well looked after and are enjoying the time they spend in my space. I do this by anticipating every one of their needs, communicating with them with the right amount of formality or casualness depending in the context using the right tone-of-voice, and making it all seamless and effortless to the guest.

My purpose in life is to provide people with delightful experiences, so I can make a positive impact in their lives.

I'm a Brazilian born Immigrant, U.S. Army Veteran, UX/UI Designer. My work is a direct reflection of me. The work I produce and the results they drive speak more accurately to who I am, in a way that's better than I could articulate. I'm proud to have a great reputation amongst everyone I've ever worked with.


Go fast with things and slow with people. - Stephen Covey

Work Experience

Graphic Designer

Virgin Atlantic Airways

February 2011 - March 2015

Oversaw all creative introduced to the North American market (US, Canada and Caribbean). The results kept Virgin Atlantic as one of the most highly recognised, regarded and copied brands in commercial aviation's history. Directed major photo shoots for Founder and Chairman of Virgin Group, Sir Richard Branson, Virgin Atlantic’s CEO, Craig Kreeger, and Delta Air Lines. The captured images were viewed throughout the globe through our social media channels, website, and other news media outlets to communicate the benefits of the Delta/Virgin Atlantic merger as well as the addition to a new Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse. Worked closely with Virgin Atlantic’s Global Design Team based in the United Kingdom by making regular trips to receive training in website management software, and to help them complete global design projects so that we would remain visually consistent through both the US and UK markets. Designed tradeshow booths for GBTA (Global Business Travel Association) for 2012 and 2013 conventions. All commercial airline have a major presence at this convention focused around business travel. Virgin Atlantic's booth is aways the one people look forward to the most because we truly conveyed the glamour-filled business travel experience in that space. Also designed spaces and environmental graphics for a large host of different events. Managed virginatlantic.com using Adobe CQ5. Created webpages and other content to support and promote marketing activations. Made daily updates to advertised online sale fares for each cabin and destination.

Senior UI UX Designer

New York Stock Exchange

June 2015 - March 2017

Lead a small team of designers and developers in the creation/development of our digital corporate training platform, interactive data reports, as well as a host of different creative solutions for marketing. In charge of making sure projects are well managed using the Agile systems (Scrum & Kanban) , the "Lean Product" and "The Lean Startup" methodologies. Created the user experience & interface for our client-facing analytics dashboard which not only visualizes but also makes interactive and comparative all of the client’s data results in regards to their employees performance captured in our digital corporate training platform. For the purpose of informing our corporate clients as much as possible regarding their employees’ performance in all our offered courses. The consequence of which allows clients to mitigate risk by focusing on areas of improvement and avoid illegal or unethical behavior that can lead to fines, market volatility, as well as a host of other legal actions. Leading efforts in improving the product (PULSE, our digital corporate training platform) through the application of good user experience paired with an engaging user interface. Our users are employees of NYSE listed multinational companies with employees located all over the globe and this flexible platform allows us to successfully train all of the users to 100% proficiency in any and every course they take. Deliverables range from product UX/UI improvements, original UX/UI solutions for new products, type treatments & branding for new products, marketing materials, digital publications, microsites, video story boarding, to illustrative client-facing posters and presentations.

Senior UX UI Designer

J.P. Morgan & Chase

March 2017 - Today

Leading on the creation of a variety of different applications as part of a large 10+ UX/UI team. These very complex financial applications are designed to assist Financial Advisors, Wealth Managers, and other bank professionals in their day to day responsibilities, and are used by tens of thousands JP Morgan employees in the United States and around the world. Leading sprint efforts using the lean methodology as well as Google Venture’s sprint model. We work directly with users and stakeholders in order to and thoroughly understand all of the requirements. Creating full working prototypes through the use of a prototyping tool called Axure RP. This enables us to create and test our hypothesis quickly and efficiently. Writing user scripts and conducting thorough user testing in order to validate all hypothesis about the design of the applications. Interviewing users and gathering valuable feedback which is used to further refine the application. Working on not only delivering an application that works but one that users love to interact with, are proud of and adds joy to their workday.


Sanford & Brown

B.A. Visual Communications

2005 - 2008