Danyl Goodall

Wolverhampton, United Kingdom

Danyl's Skills
Product Management

About Danyl

I'm a creative marketer from the UK.
I specialise in Digital and Social Media and I'm accomplished at leverage the influence of an idea, expanding it's reach and maximising it's impact.
I have a sickening work ethic, an eye for innovation and creativity is at the core of all of my solutions. Although I dream big it can pay to focus on the small details first, measure and then iterate it you are to push boundaries and make waves in the ocean of opportunity.

I am always excited and interested by new ideas and driven by a passion to push things forward. I'm looking for people with a similar drive who could benefit from my time and experience to drive things forward.

My personal venture is a social network for creatives called "Hatch" and I am looking for an experienced, talented and committed full stack developer to help drive the business forward!