Dao Nguyen

London, United Kingdom

CoFounder & CEO
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After a lucrative career running my first startup Adjust Social providing marketing consultancy and business strategy to multiple SMEs and corporate companies; Thinkwall, SAP and Euromoney. It occurred to me that all these companies require social media knowledge and outreach tactics. The bottom line is social media growth and lead generation. The modern customer is saavy and connected to the mobile web. Social Media is a great channel to reach people. I have driven a 50 million reach with #ITW2015 and grown 4000 followers within a month through traditional B2B content and advertising. If I got a pound for every time someone asked me what is the social ROI, I would be rich. I wouldn’t have built my own social selling software, my second startup Reach Raven.
Social media doesn’t just sit inside marketing but across the whole or sales, operations and customer service
I have promoted and sold everything from humans to software. Whether it is recruitment or corporate banking, people are looking for a better way to reach relevant people. My passion in social media stems from my interest in how people interact and communicate with each other online and offline.

Strategically using my technology knowledge and creativity to reverse engineer social media advertising. Reach Raven was built to automate finding relevant influencers, leverage content which is engaging and touches people's emotional response.
Understanding the target audience by creating data clusters and effectively building a sales pipeline of social communities, people who share commonalities.
Turning relevant followers into a successful advocates and transactional business leads.

Keeping up to date with commanding knowledge of emerging social platforms and building new technologies that will enable real-time social lead generation and save time.
I love challenging the status quo and increasing business development initiatives.
I strive tirelessly to achieve maximum results for each and every client, supported by equally enthusiastic and committed professionals.


• Social Selling Consulting
• Social Media Marketing
• Technology Development


Live life as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if your were to life forever. - Ghandi

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CEO Co-founder

Reach Raven

October 2016 - Today

Reach Raven means that you can finally make the most of your social media activity. Smart and intuitive social media lead generation software, Reach Raven cuts through digital babble and lets you connect, grow and engage with powerful social leads every day. Generating and nurturing inbound leads, Reach Raven makes it easy for you to turn them into real and tangible prospects. Too often, brands and organisations become stuck in the social space between the follow and the conversion, but Reach Raven allows you to seamlessly sync with more meaningful connections than ever before. www.reachraven.com


University of Liverpool


2005 - 2008