Dario Trbovic

Zagreb, Croatia

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Product Management

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Founded 2+ startups

About Dario

Our startup is Blitzer (http://www.blitzerapp.com/)

Meet nearby people within an hour.

Go get a coffee, be cool and attend a party or throw kick-ass party, meet your next girlfriend or boyfriend in real life right now, find someone to watch Netflix and chill...

Without all the long waiting you get on social apps, Blitzer puts your marker on the map and lets you start a quick half-hour blitz of talking and meeting to everyone nearby – if you like them, of course.

Basically, Blitzer is an icebreaker. Let’s face it – you use social apps when you are bored, but many of them aren't much of a fun days for days upon installation. However, Blitzer will be a community of quick social interactions.

You can use it to kill boredom or to break the ice with someone before meeting them face-to-face. Hey, you can even set up wild unplanned parties. The choice is yours to make.

So, in a blitz, this is what you get:

- No more endless waiting - 30 minutes to find great new people, 30 minutes more to wrap up all the conversations

- Your private location is safe – the marker is moved a bit outside of your real location

- No history - everything goes away after 1 hour

- No spam - no more spam messages. You choose who you want to meet

- If you'd like to meet someone in person, share your real locations and get directions to each other

Learn more about us here http://blitzerapp.com/site/pitch
Learn more about what we are looking for here http://blitzerapp.com/cofounder.html


I'm afraid of unfulfilled potential - Me


Faculty of Electrical Engineering Osijek

Master degree in Computer Engineering

2015 - 2015