Bronx County, New York, US

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hi, I'm working on a startup/web app that will enable users to discover new music first and share with friends, as many people loving doing (no downloading involved). I find that the current platforms like pandora and spotify are geared more toward just listening to music and sort of randomly suggesting songs as opposed to helping users discover new music way before you hear it on radio or even pandora and spotify. I think it's a pretty good idea and some people I've talked to and shown the mock up to, like it. I'm light on the programming side so I'm looking for an experienced New York based frontend & backend (preferably ruby on rails) programmer who can build a web application (MVP) which incorporates some of the same features as Facebook, Waywire and Viddy (very specific, I know..but I actually do have all the details mapped out).

I am very passionate about this project and would like to find a co-founder whom I can trust and who can help me get it off the ground soon, so drop me a line and let me know if that interests you so we can discuss further.