Darrell Banks

Denver, Colorado, US

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I'm Darrell Banks, a hard working entrepreneur and hacker looking to find a co-founder to help take our company to the next level. I'm on my 2nd startup, I'm in the eCommerce space, and have an awesome prototype about 3 months out from launch. Ideally, I'd like to find someone with experience in business development and/or sales as those are the areas in which I'm most lacking. I've been a full-stack developer for 5 years, so I've got the technical side more than covered for the time being. I want to work side-by-side with someone who can help me grow my sales ability as well as help bring our first customers on board. Let's do lunch or coffee if this sounds like something you might want to pursue, and do have a look at the site of course (http://harbor.works) I'm looking to find a sweat equity partner but am looking to give said person a sizable piece of equity as the first co-founder. eCommerce has huge growth potential, and my product is poised to take advantage of that growth. Let's grow together and build an awesome business while we're at it.