Darrell MBA

San Francisco, California, US

Founder | CTO | Engineering | Startup | Technology | Software | Creative | Audio | Vision, Leadership, Strategy

About Darrell

My accomplishments include:

1) Helping George Lucas achieve his vision of making learning fun by creating and shipping 5 educational software products in 4 years.
2) Helping grow Adobe's Creative Professional business from $630 million to $1.7 billion by closely and collaboratively working with 30 global teams, solving complex system integration issues, and improving development processes world-wide.
3) Earning an MBA degree in 17 months while working full-time and raising a family.
4) Published in books for examples of leadership in "The Leadership Challenge, 5th ed." by Posner and Kouses and as a ghost writer of technical books for McGraw-Hill author Roger Tokheim.

My experience leading technical teams ranges from small startups to large global companies working in creative industries including: games, audio, creative professional content creation tools.

Work Experience

Founder | CTO

Lollipop Audio

January 2016 - December 2016