Darren Luvaas

Redwood City, California, US

Darren's Skills
Product Management

Startup Experience

Founded 1 startup

About Darren

As the founding Creative Director for Zazzle.com, I've had the pleasure of overseeing a total of no less than 3 complete rebrands over my 8 year tenure there and was directly involved in every aspect from design to implementation. I know UX, product design, and visual/graphical design inside and out. I have hands on experience growing a company and traffic from an Alexa infinity to an Alexa 100. I also happen to be a decent front-end developer and find it just as efficient to code in HTML5 & CSS3 as in Photoshop. From nuts to bolts, I enjoy taking a product concept from inception to specification to wireframes to hi-fi photoshop comps to living code, and I LOVE every step of the process. Once the product is out in the world I love optimizing it, making sure it works beautifully on every platform, and growing it into a huge business. I've picked up quite a few people management skills over the years and feel that I am a competent, respectful, highly motivational, hands-on leader who likes nothing more than helping his team thrive and grow. As with new products, I enjoy building teams from the ground up. What excites me most is the opportunity to learn and try new things and I am always on the hunt for ways to expand my knowledge of the industry I love. To that end, I am actively learning both the business side of a small company (pitch deck, business model canvas, etc) and how to develop from the top down (full stack Ruby + Rails). While conventional thinking touts the Hacker and the Hustler as the perfect duo for any new startup, I firmly believe that the ultimate trifecta is the Hacker, the Hustler, and the Designer. When the Designer happens to know product design, visual design, UX, coding, and management (plus enough business to be dangerous), the potential is... infinite.

I'm looking forward to connecting with others who are just as passionate about learning, experimenting, and growing a new business as I am.