Darryl Fisch

Toronto, Canada

Darryl's Skills
Product Management

About Darryl

I owned and managed an import and distribution company for 23 years. Over that time we grew the company from a team of 3 sales people to over 35 .and saw a customer base grow from approximately 700 to over 3000
I was either directly involved in the procurement process or oversaw a team buyers and merchandise managers, who managed our 3500+ sku's. At the time when I joined the company we carried fewer then 400sku
I also oversaw the operations of a 100,000 square foot warehouse/distribution centre and it managers and staff.
As the owner I was always working with budgets, forecast as well as being financially prudent.
We purchased products and goods both domestically as well as internationally. I have spent a considerable amount of time, in Europe and Asia as well as the USA sourcing products. I dealt with every level of persons from the owner of multinational corporations to the shipping managers of national and independent retail operations.
I presently sit on multiple private as well as non-profit private boards and committees in the country. I also enjoy providing mentoring to new and mid size companies.