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Dallas, Texas, US

Founder and CEO
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About Data Stocks Inc

I am a leader with superior business acumen in IT, UX/UI methodologies, Big Data modernization, E-Commerce knowledge, multi-industry know-how, master scheduling, logistics, and an innovation, who has:
 Planned and managed over 37 different Products, Programs, Projects, and Operations resulting in:
>> Increasing over $95M of both actualized and projected Revenue.
>> Savings of over $12M from Process Improvements and Enhancements.
>> Distributing over $100M logistical supplies.
 Led, managed, trained, and/or mentored over 600 Personnel.
 Managed over $5B worth of military and business assets without incident.
 Participated or won over 10 Professional Competitions.
 Attended over 5 professional schools and always achieve to reach ‘Top 10%’ tier.
 Filed the Patent for the 1st Data & Consent Brokering System.


"We either find a way or we make it" - Hannibal of Cathage

Work Experience


Data Stocks Inc.

October 2014 - Today

The CEO of the first data and consent market system, who leads a cross-functional team of veteran free lancers. Data Stocks Inc is the SaaS system that unites people and businesses to exchange consent (OPT-IN & OPT-OUT), behavioral data, and money legally, safely, and ethically, via data deals from mobile applications. Utilized scheduling, scrum, Agile, product management, code reviews, and risk management to run the teams. Additional services provided to clients, such SEO, DEV, UX/UI, etc.  Developed and submitted the patent to the USPTO for the 1st data & consent brokering system and infrastructure.  Created and deployed the SaaS Admin Panel with PHP and MySQL DBs that exchanges data to mobile apps and site.  Created over 18 iOS .ipa mobile files and 5 Axure 7.1 mobile prototypes based on consumer feedback.  Designed and deployed the customized DS Website 2.0 with a 96 UX/UI Score, an 81 SEO Score, and 90 Speed Score.  Increased a Solara Lighting’s Users by 103% from 2.7K to 5.6K with SEO and E-commerce enhancements.  Increased a Solara Lighting’s Pagesviews by 161% from 23K to 58K with SEO and E-commerce enhancements.  Presented at the Rice Alliance for Technology 2015 and SeedSumo's SXSW 2015 Pitch Competition.  Improved a client’s SEO score from 66 to 84 resulting on reaching Top 10 on 31 keywords.


University of Houston

Global MBA

2010 - 2012


PMP - Project Manager Professional