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Please call me Dan. My company, DataPi Learning Inc, is located in Vancouver, BC, Canada. We specialize in tutoring services since 2000. We produce unique and compelling educational software that targeted personalized learning. We are looking for a partner in the US to introduce our products and our story to philanthropic foundations that are funded by re-known global entrepreneurs. Our objective is to enlist the right participant(s) to help execute a pilot proposal. Our goal is to obtain the opportunity to showcase and to validate that (1) DataPi personalized learning products and systems can consistently deliver optimal results at relatively low cost, and (2) DataPi’s personalized learning solutions can also be scaled relatively easily and quickly. If proven successful (and highly compelling to our targeted philanthropic donors), we aim to obtain angel investment to scale the business operation as well as making the necessary product improvements and related diversification. If you are result-driven (and pending on learning about your specific background skills & our compatibility), we are prepared to negotiate (1) your equity share in the creation of a newly US-based business enterprise and/or (2) your compensation, for a targeted meeting or appointment obtained with high-value contacts that we shall provide.