Dave Becker

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US

Dave's Skills
Product Management

About Dave

Having spent 15+ years in EdTech with larger companies (I left SunGard Higher Education as SVP of Product Management of administrative systems), I decided it was time to go small and grow something from the ground up in Philly. My venture is focused around managing parent engagement at the college level to improve college and student outcomes such as student retention, student recruitment and career placement.

The average college student interacts with their parents 13 times a week, and colleges don't know what to do with that activity.

Business framework has been shown to several universities with interest, and I am currently putting together business proposals. My next step is to prototype and build a team of passionate, creative and fun individuals that want to be part of something from the ground up.

I live in downtown Philly and would like to work in downtown Philly. My goal is to start the architecture of the solution this Fall, and move into full scale development Jan 2014.