Dave Lemley

Austin, Texas, US

Consulting Technologist
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Product Management

About Dave

I like to solve problems considered 'impossible' or at least quite difficult in some way; aside from pure challenge, isn't that where value comes from, anyway?
In addition to my technical skills, I enjoy working with potential partners during biz dev activities. One project of which I was particularly proud involved multiple vendors -- ostensibly competitors. I was able to make a minor tweak to the technical proposal, which made allies out of enemies (and actually saved out company a bunch of work anyway). This also put me in a better position to guide the project from the outside (as a vendor).
More than a few folks have said that I have a knack for explaining complex technical concepts in a way that is understandable to non-technologists.

Work Experience

Consulting Technologist

Independent Contractor

March 2013 - December 2016