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St. Louis, Missouri, US

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I am looking for a co-founder with marketing and business development skills to develop joint ventures with content providers and/or customer loyalty programs.

Our patented 2-Way Micropay platform gives consumers a free, pre-funded micropay account. Users 85% of advertising dollars spent to get their time and attention, and may also receive micropay credits from one or many of the loyalty reward points programs they already belong to. These credits can then be immediately used to buy online content (videos, music, gameplay . . . anything), on any micropay activated website, with just one or two clicks.

Best of all, for content provides, we put an end to the price distortions caused by the minimum transaction fee, 25 cents, on credit card sales. With our platform, high volume, low value content (like funny cat videos) can be properly priced at one or two cents, or a newspaper article at five cents, or an indie band download at twenty cents. And every transaction, from one cent to hundreds of dollars, is covered with high level of security.

What really drives this disruptive technology that we also track what ads users respond to and what purchases they make which increases the targeting power, and market identify value, of each user. The more they use our system, the more they will earn. Instead of exploiting user profiles for our sole profit, we are partnering with users so they can monetize and control their own market identities and access to their time and attention.

This totally solves the privacy issues surrounding individual marketing profiles. The data is only used when users get compensated, at rates they set. They can even set different rates for different commercial categories. Proven buyers, for example, can raise their rates and earn more.

Here are links to short video pitches for three markets: consumers, content providers, and advertisers. http://2waymicropay.com/why-we-all-need-it.html

We previously raised over $2.6 million for the tech build up, but had no marketing co-founder to help us put together the deals we need to make...most especially with content providers.

We're in restart mode and are looking for the right person to lead our marketing and business development effort. I hope that's you.

I'm seeking a co-founder who can help us partner with content providers willing to experiment with our payment platform. A presence or contacts in Silicon Valley would be especially helpful.

We have a practical way to give users "free money" in their accounts from ads in our pipeline (beginning at 5 cents per ad) and from loyalty reward programs that we hope to partner with. We just need some significant content providers who are participating so users will have a place where they want to spend these free dollars.

Learn more at www.Qixit.com and www.2WayMicropay.


University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

electrical engineering

1978 - 1978