Dave Schwab

Longmont, Colorado, US

Dave's Skills
Product Management

Startup Experience

Founded 2+ startups

About Dave

I have a startup called Iceboxe (iceboxe.com). We have a team of 5 working on the product (two of which are full time and being paid), as well as 2 advisors. One of our advisors was on the US Men's Olympic swim team 2004-2012. We're building an app that helps people with food allergies find and eat the food that's right for them. We have a number of official partners in the form of different food blogs. We raised some modest seed money thus far and have runway through Q3 2014 or there abouts.

Basically, I am looking for another dev, preferably that go full time (we'd pay you with enough US dollars to pay the rent and buy food, as well as significant equity stake).


Purdue University

Accounting & Finance

2006 - 2006