Dave Skaggs

Plano, Texas, US

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Product Management

Startup Experience

First time founder

About Dave

EMAIL: Bdavidskaggs@gmail.com

I am the creator of a set of unique educational building blocks. They are like nothing ever seen before. They are simple, easy to use and understand, and I fully believe they can teach math to elementary age kids faster than anything on the planet.

I graduated last December with my masters in video game design. During that time I started volunteer tutoring at and elementary school and since I have found incredible purpose in creating educational games for kids.

I've been working 7 months full-time, created prototypes, tested it in schools, submitted a provisional patent, partnered with a teacher, and completed the first line of manufacturing research.

Currently, I am working with a score mentor to vet manufacturers, I am in the process of creating a promotional video for www.kickstarter.com in August, all the while trying to outsource logo design, website creation, legal work and more.

I am currently looking to partner with someone who has experience in marketing, both on the strategy level for sales and on the front end of building out social media pages and running a successful campaign.



Masters of Interactive Technology

2013 - 2013