Dave Tan

Manila, Philippines

Dave's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Dave

Hi! I am looking for a Co-Founder who is highly skilled in coding websites, app, anything needed to build a large website.

My Co-Founder must be eager to code, and would die if he was not able to code for days. You got to really love what you do and have a very deep passion for it. That is the only way we can succeed.

I have lots of idea, this is a gift of mine, I need someone who can help me build it.

If you qualify, you must have already done a lot of coding, I am very eager to tell my idea to you. I'm sure you'll be excited too.

These are the specific Set of Skills that I need from a Developer / Programmer Co-Founder.
- GIT, Nodejs, socket.io, vue, php 7, laravel 5.4
- You must be familiar with design pattern followed Repository pattern, SOA
- You must be familiar with Coding style followed PSR-2