David Adamu

Lagos, Nigeria

Founder/CEO of yigaLabs developing tech for health
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Business Development
User Experience
Product Management

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About David

I’m building a team and product at yigaLabs, where we’re creating technologies that usher in a new wave of ‘preventative healthcare’. yigaLabs is focused on using modern technologies such as Artificial Intelligence & Deep Learning to 'make humans healthier'.

At yigaLabs, we're developing technology that enables us usher in a new wave of 'Preventative Healthcare', in a three-part plan to:

- Measure biodata
- Analyze health data &
- Gain insights that benefits doctors and pharmaceuticals.

My background is in UI/UX design and product development strategy. I love to find ways with which beautiful products can be built with strong focus on User experience - products that can improve the lives of people.

I’m interested in using artificial intelligence to analyze health data and provide insights, with advanced deep learning. I’m interested in biotechnology, as I forsee a future where we move past the 'tech' phase, into one where the nuances of complex biological systems and sophisticated technology will begin to lessen and the fields look more like each other. However, I haven’t found the right person to partner with, in this journey.

I’m looking for a passionate co-founder, someone who can build AI/deep learning software, someone who can commit to building products for a lifetime. Building technology that can improve lives is priority. We’d be building an MVP as software, to take through an incubation program most preferrably YC.

You can reach out to me via dayveadams [at] gmail [dot] com


I think that's the single best piece of advice: constantly think about how you could be doing things better and questioning yourself - Elon Musk